Your Electronic Payment Processing Consultants...

Consulting Services

Blue Technologies has helped hundreds of businesses in automating their payment processing needs to include assessing systems and integration needed to enhance back room functions.

If your company is in need of payment processing automation, securing transactions, have compliance questions, or simply looking to improve upon your day to day work flow, Blue Technologies can work with you to implement a cost savings program.


Merchant Card Services

Blue Technologies can assist you with your merchant service program. We offer competitive fees, state of the art equipment, and valuable complimentary services to allow businesses to succeed in today's competitive market.

We work personally with you to review your current program, not an 800 number. We will assess your current program, provide you with a cost comparison and solutions to enhance your payments processing. Bottom line you will get ongoing personal service and a true assessment of your program with professional advice.


RDC Services

This segment of the industry is becoming more and more prominent. As the check clearing landscape continues to evolve, Blue Technologies can help you to implement or enhance your current check clearing process.

Remote Data Capture (RDC) is the commonly used term for electronically depositing checks at a remote location instead of carrying paper checks to a local bank branch. With RDC, you save time and money by reducing or eliminating trips to the bank as well as deposit preparation time. Gain access to funds faster with the later deposit cut off times associated with RDC.


ACH Services

Whether a company receives consumer checks through the mail or from a drop box location, the payments can be processed as electronic transactions using an Automated Clearing House (ACH) transaction and check conversion service.

ACH/Check Clearing eliminates many of the costs and liabilities associated with paper checks. Deposits are automatic and electronic, so companies pay less for deposit fees while reducing the number of trips to their financial institution. And since the company has digital images of the checks, they can destroy the original paper checks, effectively reducing the risk of tampering.