Your Electronic Payment Processing Consultants...

Blue Technologies understands how essential business customers are to financial institutions. We also understand that providing payment processing services to merchant customers can be time consuming, costly and difficult to manage. Blue Technologies management team has over two decades of banking experience and a proven history in growing successful merchant service programs.  We can provide institutions with the expertise and insight that can be used for enhancing electronic banking products and services. More importantly, we can show financial institutions how to effectively sell to new and existing customers.


Our comprehensive understanding of transaction processing, merchant needs and technological trends allows us to:

  • Assist in analyzing your current program or need of one
  • Discuss latest trends in technology
  • Enhance core service offerings
  • Build loyalty between consumer, merchant and institution
  • Review strategic marketing and sales campaigns
  • Offer strategic development and business planning 


It would be our pleasure to offer a detailed review of your current merchant program and to discuss the numerous benefits available through a partnership with Blue Technologies while better serving the needs of your customers.